Live.Life.Lean – Lifestyle is proud to be a silver sponsor of Dominique Fouche.

She is a semi-finalist in the Mrs. South Africa pageant and by supporting her, we are also supporting her charitable work.

Dominique Fouche 1

She’s a mom, a special needs teacher and now a voice…

Dominique Fouche says: “As a Mrs. South Africa semi-finalist, I have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for a business, using the platform of women empowerment, being the voice for underprivileged girls, and create awareness for Down Syndrome learners.”

Let’s support her and the causes she is speaking up for!

As a special needs teacher, she inspires, educate, uplift, listen, support dreams, changes lives, heals broken hearts, gives hope and shares joy. She believes that a learner will forever carry something of a teacher around with them and they will always be a part of your heart.

Please contact Dominique (on her Facebook page) if you would like to support this shelter for abused woman and children:
– Clothes and shoes for ladies and children
– Toys and educational supplies
– Baby products (anything from blankets to baby carriers)

Any other donations are welcome and appreciated – clothes, stationary, educational toys.

To give is the ultimate reward!

We believe in you; because you believe in others! Stay humble, stay focused and always STAY YOU!!!