Live.Life.Lean – Lifestyle making better choices, together!!!

Hi, I am Dominic Thompson and for the last 9 years,
together with an amazing team, we’ve been changing lives,
1 day, 1 meal and 1 product at a time.
While finishing my Image Consulting Diploma in 2023,
I yet again saw the lack of motivation,
as well as a poor support system amongst the women I deal with daily,
the woefully lack of safe places had me back to the drawing board, praying about the God-Ordained Purpose God promised for my life.
I there and then decided to relaunch our lifestyle challenges in March 2023, after taking a break.
SUCCESS at its best, literally and figural, from the get-go!
There’s something about
it’s a ripple effect 😉,

How do you join? What is included?

  • Join here, simply click on this link LLL Lifestyle Motivation & purchase a R99.00 ticket into a 1-month entrance.
  • Make sure to fill in your WhatsApp number so that we can add you to the WhatsApp Group
  • Included is the following but not limited to:

– 4 x Weekly Menus, Recipes, Progress & Measurement Charts, Motivation, Tips & Tricks, Accountability, Support etc.


This motivation group is on-going and will take place monthly as we grow the group.
Monthly renewals required to stay participating.
Welcome to leave at any time.
No refunds and terms and conditions apply.
Thank you for trusting us 😊
Transformation here, is guaranteed.


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