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We sell ONLY ORIGINAL products and with more than 300 agents nation wide, we will not jeopardize our good name by selling fake or sub-standard products to clients. Contact details of all our agents are listed on this website. If someone is not on our website, they are not an agent in our group. 

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We have a few agents outside of South Africa. First search our agent map to see if we have an agent in your country, if not, click on the option “Clients outside of South Africa, please click here” on the Find an Agent page. 

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Everyone’s body is different and your results will depend on your dedication to your goals, but also your lifestyle. Some people lose weight faster than others, some lose more cm than kg. Do not compare yourself to others. 

Your weight loss results will also be affected by your eating habits (if you do decide to follow a healthy eating plan, you will see results faster), drinking enough water is crucial, if you are more active than usual, you will lose weight faster, drinking alcohol may affect weight loss, the time it took you to gain the weight, your age (if you are over 40, you may not lose weight as easily as you did when you were 20) and some medical conditions (hormones, medication, blood pressure, thyroid), may have an effect on your weight loss progress. 

That being said, we do our best to support our clients and we have an amazing track record if you look at all of our testimonials.

We receive new before and after pictures from our clients every single day and post it on our Facebook pages.
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When ordering from an agent in your area, you should not have to pay any courier fees. The areas added to the business card of an agent, shows you where they can assist clients with free delivery or where you can collect from them. Please arrange a time with your agent to collect your order.

Agents may courier nation wide, so if you order from an agent in another town, they will send your order via courier (the courier fee is extra and payable by the client). We normally use The Courier Guy and parcels are delivered to your physical address. The courier fee ranges from R99 – R155 (depending on the delivery address).

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Keep in mind that everyone is different and although we receive testimonials from clients every day, results may vary. There is no product “better” than another one, they all have unique formulations and some of our clients report better results with one product, then tries another one and are even happier with their second choice.

We do not know which product will be best for you, but we love to keep our clients motivated and we started the Live.Life.Lean Client Support Group on Facebook where we share tips and clients and agents can help each other.

Always consult your doctor before using any fat burners if you currently take any other medication or have an existing medical condition.

Each of our products are unique and some of our agents have trail packs available if you would like to try the different products first. Search for an original agent in your area on our Agent map.

It’s not absolutely necessary, but you will see results faster when you are more active. Remember that muscle is more dense than fat, so that by volume, it seems to weigh more. 1 kg of muscle occupies less space than 1 kg of fat. We added a few ideas on the Client Support Group.

A sensible eating plan will however speed up results. If you wish, you can follow any diet, as long as you eat enough food. No starving! VERY IMPORTANT! Remember to drink 2 – 3 litres of water per day! We added a few ideas on the Client Support Group.

While we do have clients with various medical problems having great success with our products (and some also use other medication as well), we suggest that you get your GP’s approval before using any weight loss supplement/fat burner. Your doctor knows your medical history and specific medication you might already be using.

After reaching your target weight, maintain the weight loss by taking 1 capsule every second day until you finish 1 bottle. If you continue to eat balanced meals and not go overboard with junk food, you will not gain back the weight you lost. It is also advisable to do a detox (ideas on Support group).

Men and women can use all of our products.

Unfortunately, no. A few of our agents used the products before knowing that they were pregnant, and stopped using it (during their pregnancies). All of them gave birth to healthy babies.

We do not offer a money back guarantee, simply because we do not know if a client followed the product instructions. We will however assist as much as we can and offer guidance on how to implement changes in your meal plan, exercise routine and lifestyle to help optimize your weight loss while using our products. Please join our Client Support Group after your purchase from one of our agents.

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