Select your mentor agent from the list to see more info, send a message or place your order. 

Your Mentor Agent is the person in whose “LLL Agent Whatsapp Group” you are added. You should order from her and she will assist with any questions you may have.

This is also the person you received your login details from to complete the Agent Training.


If you are unsure of who your Mentor Agent is, please complete this form and we will reply with her name.

Message to Agents

Please read the entire message as everything you need to get started, will be covered.

Use the website often, because we add new content daily.

Remember to send a friend request to your mentor agent, as well as Dominic and Suzanne in order to be added to the Agent Info Group on Facebook (where you will find even more tips). Finally, read everything on the Agent Info page.

We spend a lot of time answering questions which are already answered on the website. We add new info to the website every day and still have a lot of ideas to improve even more. Please take some time to browse the website and see all the options we have available at the moment.

Your area ticket has been added to your Agent Profile on the Find an Agent map (it will only be visible after you completed the Agent Training and we updated your settings). Try it out by searching for your own profile to see what is visible to clients when they search for an agent in their area. Lots of agents ask us “who is the agent in … area?”, anyone can find an agent anywhere by searching on our map. The map is always up to date. If you want to find the details of an agent in a specific area, enter the name of the town/city in the map search bar. If you have the name of an agent and want to confirm if they are one of our agents, type the name of the person into the website search bar (at the bottom of each page). If any of the details on your area ticket are outdated, please inform us here

Once you order from your mentor agent and your payment cleared, we will send your order/stock to your physical address. You are welcome to courier to your clients (from your address) once your stock arrived, but it is advisable to stick to your immediate area when you first start off as an agent.

You may use any of the before and after pictures on our Facebook pages together with your ad. The links to our pages are on the website. Only use pictures from our Facebook pages, as they are already watermarked and were sent to us from the clients themselves. Do not use pictures which are not watermarked.

We have an extra special bonus for agents where you can edit our ad and flyer templates and add your own details to it. You can also download product pics and lots more.

We have been doing this for a while now, so we know what works and we give you some awesome tips on the website…

Note about couriers:

Courier fees are currently:

The Courier Guy (Door to Door) = R99.00

Pudo (Door to Locker) = R70.00

Parcels are sent out every Monday to Thursday (subject to change according to Online Calendar).

Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed.

For agents who use the online shop of their Mentor
Follow these instructions:
Add your product/s to your cart and go to the checkout page. Tick “Courier my order to me” and enter the delivery address, we make use of  “Economy (Domestic Road Freight)”. It’s currently the cheapest one. No “Overnight courier” options available.

Remember you need to place the order with your Mentor and she has to place the order with Live.Life.Lean. No “Overnight courier” must be promised, they will then expect the parcel to be delivered the following day, but if their payment did not clear before order cut-off time or anything else happens for that matter, the order will be moved to the next courier day (Mon – Thu). The note was added to avoid people sending angry messages about not receiving their parcels the next day if they paid for “Overnight Courier”.

This note is added to the checkout page to inform clients (and agents) not to select overnight courier:
Overnight delivery cannot be guaranteed. Reasons may include: the order will be processed after payment clears in the shop account, dispatching of the parcel depends on the time the order was placed, products may be out of stock etc. Please note that we make use of  “Economy (Domestic Road Freight)” as our Shipping Option at the moment.