Easy Application

A few things to keep in mind when you are an agent of LLL

  • We only stock original products.
  • All agent info are listed on the Agent map.
  • Our most important rule is: JUST READ. All info will be on the website and you’ll be added to an Agent WhatsApp group and our Agent Info Group on Facebook.
  • There are multiple Q&A pages of which some are available to clients and there are extra pages for agents. All questions are answered on the website.
  • You will have access to advertising material, templates and product info which you can use to get clients.
  • Agents of LLL are not allowed to have a separate Facebook Page for any of the products we sell. You may advertise on your own Facebook profile and on other advertising pages/groups. Share posts from our Facebook pages and add your clients to the exclusive LLL Client Support Group.
  • Agents are not allowed to launch competitions, have specials or give discount. We inform agents on the website/Agent Info Group/WhatsApp groups whenever we launch any specials. We have regular competitions on our Facebook pages where your clients can enter as well.
  • You don’t have to order extra stock beforehand (although it’s always better to have stock available). There are no minimum order amounts of each product and no targets. We do however have regular cleanups of our agent list and will remove agents who do not order.
  • The client pays the normal retail price of the products into your account, you keep the commission and pay the agent price when you order from your Mentor Agent.
  • Courier fees are paid by the agent, so if you courier to a client in a different town, you may add the courier fee to the amount the client should pay to you. If you order stock, the courier fee is also for your account.
  • There are no set areas, you can advertise anywhere and courier to clients from your own address once your stock arrives, which is why it’s best to stick to the areas on your ticket (business card). The area tickets are used to refer clients to agents and you should be able to deliver for free or have clients collect from you from all of the areas on your ticket. Clients prefer to buy from an agent near them, that way they save on courier fees. You are not allowed to charge a client for courier to any of the areas on your ticket. Don’t add Koekenaap to Timbuktu on your ticket just to fill it up…
  • We prefer to have the correct details before you are done with the training, instead of having to change it after we created and added your area ticket everywhere.
  • You will be required to complete the Agent Training within 5 days after receiving your login details from your Mentor Agent. It usually takes about 45 minutes to complete and is not difficult, it is certain steps and instructions which you will have to follow and complete using your phone or computer. You do not have to physically go anywhere to complete the training. The training is very important to us in ensuring that new agents are on the same level of knowledge as current agents about how everything works and which options are available to clients and agents. If you are not up for it, rather wait until you are ready and only then apply as an agent. Your Mentor will contact you as soon as she receives confirmation from the LLL office that your training was completed successfully and your info was added everywhere. Please allow at least 48 hours after you completed the agent training for us to finalize your settings.
  • Your Mentor will be available to assist whenever you need help and they encourage and motivate their agents. Join our LLL family and be part of an awesome team!

Please complete the form below to send your details to your Mentor Agent.

Note: It’s very important to enter the correct e-mail address of your Mentor Agent in the form below.